Remembering Jane

Jane Grigson’s friends and admirers share their personal memories, explain why her work was a source of inspiration and reflect on her legacy.

Jill Norman

Jane Grigson was a remarkable woman, generous, witty, clever, lively and with a great sense of fun. She was an excellent person to spend time with. She was also a very fine food writer, who considered the quality of food, its origins and its preparation a subject for serious study.  Her books are full of informative commentary – regional, artistic, literary; she had a feeling for history and also for the natural world.  Jane enjoyed food, and her books convey that delight; she loved simple cooking based on seasonal, reliably sourced ingredients.  Her immensely readable style helped convince me that Penguin should publish Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery in 1967, and I was fortunate enough to remain Jane’s paperback editor for many years, sharing laughter and pleasure over many memorable meals.