Remembering Jane

Jane Grigson’s friends and admirers share their personal memories, explain why her work was a source of inspiration and reflect on her legacy.

Darina Allen

My Christmas present from my husband in 1971 was Jane Grigson’s newly published ‘Good Things’ cookbook, I was absolutely thrilled, I just loved it and read it from cover to cover. I loved M.J. Mott’s line drawings and had a conjured up a clear image in my mind of what Jane would look like from the illustrations in the book. Can you imagine how amazed I was when I eventually met the real life cuddly version many years later in Ballymaloe.

Good Things is still one of my most treasured cookbooks and I’ve cooked virtually everything in the book including Priddy Oggys, Hannah Glasse’s Rabbit Casserole, Salt Mutton and a selection of ratafias. Several of her much loved recipes e.g. Terrine aux Herbs and Gateau Pithivier have been absorbed into our repertoire at Ballymaloe House.

Consequently, Jane is often referred to in our conversation and constantly remembered with great fondness.