Remembering Jane

Jane Grigson’s friends and admirers share their personal memories, explain why her work was a source of inspiration and reflect on her legacy.

Barbara Haber

Regrettably, I did not have the good fortune to meet Jane Grigson, but always felt I knew her through her work.  How could I not?  Her warmth, good humor and honesty are there in all of her books, and writing about food gave her the necessary scope to extend her vision. She wrote exquisitely about food and this led her to explore history, culture and horticultural lore, to name just some of her interests. She was down-to-earth in her comments, and I have always remembered and approved of our shared dislike of beetroot, which she called a bossy vegetable because of its readiness to stain everything around it. And this brings me to Jane’s wit and my sadness for not having had the privilege of knowing the woman as well as her books. I am sure that any conversation with her would have delivered fun and laughter as well as her wonderful insights about food and what it represents.