Jane Grigson Award

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Jane Grigson Trust Award - How to Enter

Please check the Rules of Entry to make sure that the book is eligible.

Please send the entry by email between 22 June 2017 and midnight on 31 October 2017 to award@janegrigsontrust.org.uk with the title of the book as the Subject.

On your covering letter, please provide the following information:

Full name of author
Full UK postal address of author
Telephone number of author
Email address of author

Details of the publisher and likely publication date of the book.

Details of publisher and date of publication of any previous non-food-related books.

Please attach the proposal or other material on the basis of which the book was commissioned, as either a Word document or a pdf, with its proposed title as the filename.

As outlined in the Rules of Entry, please attach proof of commission (in the form of either a copy of a contract or a letter of intent from the publisher).

As outlined in the Rules of Entry, please also attach proof of UK citizenship (in the form of a scan of the photo page of a UK passport) or residency (in the form of a scan of the photo page of a non-UK passport and a utility bill or similar).

About the Award, click here


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